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Rest In Peace

A person’s loss in one’s life can change hell and back.

Lost a family member today, and it has shaken me up to the extent of giving up on my own life itself… Life is difficult when people start leaving so early… Especially when the one whom you lose was your definition to- Life and happiness.

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Beautiful Dark World

I came into this world with a big strong heart
I came into this world with good intentions
I came into this world with love and kindness
but the world came to me with hate
the world came to me with fights
the world came to me with negative vibes
so I tried to save myself
but the world overcame
so my heart became weak and cold
my intentions became irrelevant
my love and kindness turned into harshness
how can I overcome the world by myself

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Regulating Act 1773

This is really going to help me in my exams!!

Indian Legal& Constitutional History

The Regulating Act of India 1773

Regulating Act, 1773 was the First Parliamentary Ratification, Codification, Confirmation, Justification or Authorization defining the Powers and Responsibilities of the Various Organs of the East India Company including its territorial control over Bengal. The Regulating Act was passed in the British House of Commons on 10 June in 1773 in response to severe financial crisis within and public humiliation surrounding the East India Company. Generally The British Regulating Act can be considered as the initial Endorsement of the British government into the control of the Indian Subcontinent.

By 1773 the East India Company was in dire financial constrains or crisis asking for assistance from the British Government. Faced with corruption and nepotism or partiality amongst the company officials in India, the British Government enacted the Regulating Act on 10 June in 1773 to control the activities of the East India Company. The Act set…

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What is your soul signature?

Positive Side Of The Coin

Energy is asking you to love your story for all the joy and pain it may hold and increase your vibrations.

If energy is neither created nor destroyed; everything you will ever want is already here. It is simply a matter of choosing the thoughts which will put you into harmonious vibration with what you desire.

Everything in the Universe is vibrational in nature, including you. In other words, the essence of what you are pure energy, oscillating at a certain vibrational frequency. Every thought or feeling has a vibration that can be measured. Have you heard people talking about attaining a higher vibration? Are you unsure what that means or why it’s important to you? We all vibrate energetically at a particular frequency. The lower the frequency, the denser your energy, and the heavier your problems seem. The reason you want to raise these vibrations is to become high…

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Shall I!?

I just want to give up on my life.

Sometimes, I don’t feel like living but leaving and never coming back!

I pray that I fall asleep now and never wake up! Yes, this is very bad to even think about, but I just don’t know why this is happening to me.

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Be Bold

The word BOLD is such a cool word isn’t it? Filled with power and determination. But for many…its tough to be bold. (Speaking from experience.) The fear of BEING SEEN for all that you are…of TAKING UP SPACE….of “showing off” (that’s one from being a kid for sure).

Being NOT showing off. It is fulfilling the promises that you made before you came to this world. Its about remembering who you are here to BE. Taking action…making plans and following through…

Go ahead…be BOLD!!!
Tell me in the comments what your BOLD plans are!

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In the Air- Guess where?

This beautiful breathtaking pictures are from my on- going work holiday! While landing, I didn’t want the flight to touch down at all, this amazing view was really the most special part of the air travel. I really just wanted to fly around for some more time in the air to admire this amazing place and feel peace!

Guess where is this?!

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Solitude isn’t always pretty.

Sometimes it’s just lying in bed and staring at the ceiling listening to the same song over and over again as it slowly loses its meaning. Sometimes it’s how people go mad because they couldn’t tame the darkness that was growing within them over time. Some days it’s a girl waking up without her soul. Some nights it’s a boy falling asleep with his spirit crushed. Sometimes it’s someone wanting to lose themselves to a person, but instead, they push that person away.

Solitude only becomes a prison when you do not love yourself. And even if you do love yourself it’s still a very dangerous thing, and the very benefits of it are the stars shining in its purest darkness.

Solitude isn’t always pretty but also are the truths that we find within ourselves when we learn to find solace in it.