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Doubt Is The Falling Stone

I can hear the wind as it whistles
Through my inner spinning cycle
Of questions, as they turn around

I hope the answers can be truth
But doubt is a falling stone
And I feel the weight of a pebble rain
As I am pressed into the dark

I look for the spark of confidence
But it flutters, a bug in a glass
No escape from inside, looking out

I am told they speak a truth
But truth is a promise not yet fulfilled
So how can sincerity be accomplished
In a world full of honest liars

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My Heart aches,

it hurts,

cries withn,

for it craves for the love it deserves,

from near and dear ones,

from family, friends and others…


It needs to be shown the right path,

for it has lost its way,

and is sitting in the dark,

far far away from the light,

light of love and care is what it needs..


Ocean full of tears roll up the pure pearl,

has no reason to calm down,

alone is the state of being,

hunger is nowhere close…




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Rain- Gateway To Our Heart

The sky above me, closed in as the dark, ominous yet fascinating rainclouds have driven near, gathering together in a council.
As it begins to drizzle, soft, warm and little raindrops, fall in
line, gently, carelessly hitting the earth, moistening it in their line.
Once in a while, as the rain gains its strengh, hitting the ground below with more speed and roughlessness in their action,
Rays of the purest light, sent by the sun as it shines above the darkening sky, a sensation for ones optic nerv, a sensation for the eye,
make it through and let this scene shine further more.
Graceful drops, carrried and distorted by the majestic wind,
Create a lovely melody on my window, as they one by one fly into it.
Now as the soil is fertilised, life will surely grow from the sunlight.
Alike the raindrops are carried by the wind, my mind engages with this scene, lets me fall in love with this beautiful earth.
A little rain shall not be the cause of sadness, as it truly is a reminder of the moments of love wich it makes easier to determine.
So I keep my gaze out of the window and enjoy the weather
Until then, the sky clears up and the sun shines again.

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Hello Rain

There you are again,
Standing under the rain.
Your mind filled with thoughts
That cannot be explained.

A wave of emotions flow through you,
Sadness, happiness, anger, regret.
In pain because you confessed
The things that should’ve remained unsaid.

Unsure how much time has passed,
As you stare blankly at the gloomy sky.
Recalling the memories you’ve had together,
Knowing they’re precious and unlike any other.

You start to take a single step,
As you plan your next move.
Because now you have to accept the truth,
That things won’t go back to the way they used to.

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He told her she was special;
That he’d never break her heart.
He’d stay with her forever;
They would never be apart.

She trusted his words,
Not once having doubts.
But little did she know,
It wasn’t her he cared about.

His love was warm
But it held no spark.
And when she needed him most,
He would leave her in the dark.

With deafening shouts, he made it clear.
His love for her had disappeared.
And once he knew she understood,
He slammed the door and left for good.

His words were empty.
His love had been a lie.
Yet still he holds her heart
Even after the last goodbye

She knew it would happen,
Truth be told.
But not once did she think
He could be this cold

The signs were there –
Clear as day.
She took no notice
And trusted him anyway

Despite being broken
She knew she’d heal.
For if love could fade
Then so could pain.

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May my twin flame and I fall
effortlessly into perfect harmony.
May we see easily the love which
leads us back together. May we
quickly discover our purpose
May our lives effortlessly
entangle once more.
May we always be together, and
always live in joy. And may my
Twin and I easily feel the
loving presence of God in our
hearts forevermore.

There are so many misconceptions about twin flames and the most mention hurt and pain. This is not true. You can only come into union with your twin flame if you have cleared your heart from pain, sorrow, guilt, fear every emotion that doesn’t resonant with love. So your heart is filled with love and compassion for yourself. Till that happens, you will meet people and situations that trigger pain till it is replaced with unconditional love.
A twin flame will never ever deliberately hurt you as your twin flame is your mirror of unconditional love and love never hurts, they might run from you because they need healing which might trigger pain in you of old wounds of abandonment etc.
Reuniting will only happen when it is your last time as an human being on this planet, as it is becoming one again with yourself. The journey back to unconditional love. When you have come to this planet the very first time your soul has been split in two. The journey on earth is the journey to unconditional love for yourself. We make contracts, we agree before we come to earth to learn certain pain, love etc. All here to learn, to heal; all to teach you get unconditional self love.
As a twin flame is a MIRROR of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. As long as your heart is not filled with unconditional love for yourself, you will get karmic partners/soul mates till you are healed, you attract what you need to heal.

A twin flame is the mirror of unconditional love for yourself. It is the highest vibration there is. It is pure unconditional love. And as pure unconditional love doesn’t know fear, rejection, hate, pain, sorrow.

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A New Beginning 🎖️

It is a new beginning,

to which I don’t want an end.

The beginning of a new life,

for it feels like re-birth.

Profession, but means everything to me,

The beginning of a new journey,

a new phase of life which will never end,

A life of a lawyer, yes, the dream is coming true!

The above picture is from my recent internship which I completed at the Rajasthan High Court, Jaipur Bench. I am a student of Law and for the kind of degree I am pursuing, it is mandatory for every student to learn practical work while studying. We are supposed to do various internships in between our semesters. So, I recently was interning in one of the Honourable High Court’s in India(as mentioned above) and learnt a lot from it. Truly, this internship ignited the true fire in me to learn more, and become the best at this profession. I hope this journey of mine becomes successful soon!

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Waiting For Eternity

Remember that time you told me you would love me for eternity
You held me and looked me in the eyes and made me a promise
You looked so sincere and raw and vulnerable
You made me feel things I had promised never to feel
Yet you must have trouble telling the time
For you are gone and i’m still here waiting for eternity.

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Missing Piece

In every person you meet,
They have a missing piece
Fragments of yourself you can’t fathom alone
Opinions, knowledge, lessons, reasons.

All people come in different capacities, aptitudes and magnitudes.

Thus their ability to add to your story.
Really varies.
Some can add a chapter, page or line.
Antagonist or protagonist?

In this existence we share.

What impact will/can you have?

Artwork by Rafik Hariri.