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A New Beginning 🎖️

It is a new beginning,

to which I don’t want an end.

The beginning of a new life,

for it feels like re-birth.

Profession, but means everything to me,

The beginning of a new journey,

a new phase of life which will never end,

A life of a lawyer, yes, the dream is coming true!

The above picture is from my recent internship which I completed at the Rajasthan High Court, Jaipur Bench. I am a student of Law and for the kind of degree I am pursuing, it is mandatory for every student to learn practical work while studying. We are supposed to do various internships in between our semesters. So, I recently was interning in one of the Honourable High Court’s in India(as mentioned above) and learnt a lot from it. Truly, this internship ignited the true fire in me to learn more, and become the best at this profession. I hope this journey of mine becomes successful soon!

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Waiting For Eternity

Remember that time you told me you would love me for eternity
You held me and looked me in the eyes and made me a promise
You looked so sincere and raw and vulnerable
You made me feel things I had promised never to feel
Yet you must have trouble telling the time
For you are gone and i’m still here waiting for eternity.

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Missing Piece

In every person you meet,
They have a missing piece
Fragments of yourself you can’t fathom alone
Opinions, knowledge, lessons, reasons.

All people come in different capacities, aptitudes and magnitudes.

Thus their ability to add to your story.
Really varies.
Some can add a chapter, page or line.
Antagonist or protagonist?

In this existence we share.

What impact will/can you have?

Artwork by Rafik Hariri.

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Lord I just ask you to guide me, in this pouring rain.
Praying for a change
All I feel is pain..
My life on this earth feels so alone
Everyone I love has met you
Don’t have anyone else to hold.
I still don’t know why you chose my life to suffer this way.
Broken hearted, ashed out blac & milds, emptied bottles,
Lost in a cycle..
Im praying to be strong, like my mom said
So I’m still fighting.
Living blinded, sometimes I do feel like screaming for help
But no one reached out a hand
When they knew that I fell.
Blessed that I now have an umbrella
To protect me from the rain
Im still holding on
Cause the season has never changed.
No one really heard of this pain
Cause we all sinners
We too focused on the hopes of fame.
But that’s just the flick that starts the flame
How could we hold our head up in the pouring rain
One day I shall release my spirit
Into the sun
Then reunite with all of my loved ones.

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Search For The Truth.

There’s always a search for the truth,

I want to know about you.

The pain, the hate, the anger which exists,

It signifies them all, Only the truth can overcome it

It simplifies the way, but it seems harder to go.

It will hurt you first, but will always work after.

The tears may roll down your cheeks, but you will be happy after.

Things will never be same as before, but you will live freely.

The love, the trust, the respect you seek, It all starts within you.

So tell me the truth, which is always real.

The search will never stop, yes, it’s not over. We are forever!

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I keep searching and searching for meaning.
I want to understand.
I think I’ve found something,
and the understanding melts away
to reveal still more questions
a deeper search, an endless journey.
Could I embrace the process of becoming?
Could I stop asking myself to arrive
and instead be content with each small step?
In the infinite realm of possibility
that is this Universe,
there is no end point,
just a constant cycling and recycling
of energy and experiences.
Even death is just another beginning.
So can I let go of the story
that I need some neat, tidy resolution
to the life I’ve lived thus far,
and simply love and embrace
the life I’m living right now?

A photo that was originally taken a few days back while I was crossing a forest in South Karnataka, India.

Guess the girl walking in the woods all alone? Yes. Its me.

She is in search of her answers, walking and looking for them, dying internally and waiting for the hell time to end. For she wants to end the hell time for once and for all, fix all the cracks in the wall of her life and get back to everything she had before and grow in life.

And what next?

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Letter to a Strong Girl

I saw you standing there
I know you cannot bear
With weary eyes and skin so dry
You looked down wanting to cry

You want to hide in unknown places
Kept running away from your fears
Covering up your ears
To the words you don’t want to hear

Storming days suddenly passed
You didn’t moved until the sunlight flashed
You looked up and surveyed the sky
Finally found a reason to smile

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I don’t afford to live without you,

In no way,

Can I tell you this,

For, you are grounded,

Sooner or later, I will be gone,

And that’s when,

You’ll know what was on.

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I want to live

but she came in between us,

tore us apart,

snatched away my friend,

my only true friend,

my oxygen,

she took away the only one I could talk to,

and you know why?

ONLY because we were friends,

and that she didn’t like anything.

How is a human supposed to live,

Without oxygen,

Without their main source of living?

Why are they so mean to not care if a person lived or died without the one they want to be with?