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When goodnight
No longer means goodbye
And I can sleep
Inside your arms

When the world
No longer tries to keep us apart
And we are
Safe from harm

When our tears
No longer fall like the rain
And the sun smiles
Down from her dome

When we live
No longer separately in life
That is when
I will be home

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Sound Of Music

I love the sound of silence
Of the quiet between the songs I hear
And the music of the silence between the notes

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Sometimes its better to just give up,

death seems an easier way to escape,

people change and,

you never know when they play with you,

and your life,

for this is an evil world,

and none are trustworthy.

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You’re playing with my mind
I’m sick of hearing pretending you care
But never going to apologize
I know you’re lying through your teeth,
but you’re swearing on your life
And there’s no language that I know to make you understand I’m letting you go

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I can’t math
but I can word
Start telling students what they’re worth
grades do not define who you are
or how great you’ll be
they’re just sheets with ink that make you believe how dumb or smart you seem.

Some say we’re only put in school for the systems sake, oh how I wish this was fake.

We take tests and ache because we didn’t get that perfect ten. I wish we could all just shake it off our heads and don’t break of stress.

I’m not saying school is not important,
education is the key but school is the lock, it’s all about passing and we’re not even learning anymore.
As long as you follow the rules and pass your exams you’re cool,
but If your answer is something outside the box then the automatic respond is a cross.

Education expands your horizons and visions but school doesn’t get further from divisions.
Education inspires minds but school just fills our heads and they try to make us blind and not think for ourselves.
Just memorize equations, facts and dates, they say. For what really? half of them I’ll forget straight after the exam, god damn I just really don’t wanna be a lamb.

I often find myself on early mornings running to class, because I’ve spent the night studying, memorizing and trying to pass. I run just to find a spot on which I could rest my head and just sleep without making a scene,
because that’s the only time I ever spend on school/college chasing my dreams.

No, I’m not saying that school is bad and there’s nothing to gain; All I’m saying is set straight your aims and don’t believe all they say.
Stay in school, go to college, just don’t be a fool.

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What is the word acknowledgement, to someone
Who never does anything about what they acknowledge?
What good is acknowledging a problem,
If you choose not to act upon it?

It’s almost as if acknowledgement helps us believe
We are better people if we are aware of the bad within or around us
As if acknowledgement taints our minds
With a false sense of enlightenment
That being aware, is better than being there
To actually change what it is we acknowledge to be wrong

But if people only talked about their words, with no actions
We would only need to acknowledge, never having to change our ways
For acknowledgement can sometimes be, the golden word we need
That justifies an ignorance to our false sense of bliss

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Celebration in the sky

A celebration on the horizon
Leaves you longing to share it with someone
Yet, at the same time, treasure for yourself
A mysterious, magical moment
Bold and bright, breathtakingly beautiful
Yellow, orange hues, bleeding together
Purples and pinks, a painting from Heaven
Shimmering, stunning, spectacular sight
The sun, the sun, a golden, fiery orb
A Glorious gift from God for us all

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Every light makes a shadow
And every shadow is darkness.
The darkness holds a secret
A secret never to be revealed by the light.
Every person is light
But everyone holds a secret.
A secret buried deep within themselves
Covered in darkness.
When the light meets the darkness
They clash.
There is no neutral or gray.
In the end, only one is left standing.

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Better off

I’m better off without you

I’m really starting to see

Now that time has past

I’ve dried my tear soaked sleeves

I thought you were my angel

What a cunning disguise

Turns out you were my demon

Crippling my mind

So thanks for the memories

But I’m finally moving on

It seems that to catch my breath

I needed you gone

This one is to the one who broke my heart, my trust and stole my happiness and jovialness!

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Heartbreak at sunrise

The sun is coming up so big and bright and bold that it feels like I could just reach out and grab it and put it in my pocket for later. I’m pretty sure I’m going to need it later.

I think he took his sun away for good. I tried to keep his sun shining. I tried so hard to keep it lit. But no matter how hard I stoked the fire, he kept me in the dark.

Somehow, I got so busy sustaining his solar energy that I didn’t notice my own sun going out. His appeared so bright that I forgot I needed the warmth of my own. I don’t know how long it will take my sun to heat up again.

Now it’s as if I’m stumbling around a dark house during a power outage, searching for the emergency flashlight and hoping the batteries aren’t as dead as we are. I think he used it last, and he never puts things back the way he found them. Good thing I grabbed the sun this morning and put it in my pocket for later.

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Trust- A thin string…

You stabbed me in the back

and then pretended

like you were the one

who was bleeding.

This is to the one whom I loved more than anything in this world, or to the one who loved/es me even today, and pretends to be the one in pain because of me. The one who pretends to be bleeding in pain because of everything that happened. Blame game is the easiest of all that can be played in today’s day. Be careful with how you trust anybody…