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When goodnight
No longer means goodbye
And I can sleep
Inside your arms

When the world
No longer tries to keep us apart
And we are
Safe from harm

When our tears
No longer fall like the rain
And the sun smiles
Down from her dome

When we live
No longer separately in life
That is when
I will be home

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In Silence

In silence I loved him,
And in silence I have lost him.
In silence I’ve longed for his hand,
And in silence I’ve met emptiness.
In silence I fell,
And in silence I heard my own heart breaking..

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I’m very much comfortable being alone
I enjoy nothing more than my own
Happily free to do what I want and tend to myself
My confidence is built only by the way I view myself
Yes my loved ones opinions count but which one matters most than your own?
Yes it’s nice to have a lover or date
But you have to learn to be happy with yourself
Before you are even happier with someone else

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The Quiet Place

My quiet place is nature, when I feel disturbed and annoyed with life and the people around me, well, I choose to go to my quiet place and just feel the nature with me. When alone, I feel nature with me and find the reasons to live and smile.

You ever just sit in your quiet place and realize that it’s not so quiet anymore?

Listening to the silence, it’s so loud that it’s almost deafening.

You ever realize that your “quiet place” just isn’t the same anymore.

It’s been tainted.

It use to be the place you go to find sanctuary.

The place you would go to find your peace but now not even that place is satisfactory anymore.

Feelings of sorrow and despair riddle your mind.

You’ve sunken into a place farther than the quiet place…

It’s no longer safe there.

Alone in an ocean of thoughts you swim for dear life to find a new quiet place…

But all that’s left is you watching yourself sink deeper and deeper…

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Deep happy

A deep happy comes from love.
It’s better than a shallow happy,
Which is fleeting furiously.

A deep happy makes you smile,
And it makes the world peaceful,
This happy breathes life into you.

A deep happy fixes the pain,
That the shallow happy leaves behind.

A deep happy is what life is all about.

This is my little lifeline Happy in the picture above! He keeps reminding me of smiling every now and then when I feel low. Well, I hope he makes you smile too, hope you find him cute and adorable!

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Blank canvas

My demons can’t find me
If there are no clues as to who I am.
I’ll leave the canvas blank.
Because I’m so through with everyone who chased me thoughts around in my head,
Making me feel guilty,
And sore,
And overall frustrated.
Blank slate
For my emotions to grip to.
I’ll leave this canvas blank,
The blank canvas of my soul.

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Silent Struggle

Really touched my heart! Great poetry, and the art of poetry just left me astonished!


“Some people bleed invisibly”
It’s not the case at all
When clearly
“It’s all in their heads”
I can’t understand how someone can say
Lying on their beds doing nothing at all
Don’t dare saying, they’re
Going through a lot
These people are
“going through a phase”
They’re not just
Trying hard to feel happy
They really are
You know
Annoying at times
Some people call them
Some call them
They are not
Worth spending time with
Some people are
I think
Too stubborn to come out of their pathetic lives
People consider them to be broken and who are
Spreading negativity around
They aren’t
Being grateful for this life.

Now read it backwards

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All that I see…


Caught up in the reality that is your existance.

Blind to the world around me,
You are all that I see.

You are the sustinance I require to prosper.
You are the air that I require to breathe.

Because I need you.
Just as a lock requires it’s key.

I need you.

You are the final piece to my puzzle,
with you by my side, I am complete.

Two souls bound in unison,

You are all that I see,
You are all that I know.

Forever lost in love eternal.

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Go on, to infinity🌠

That’s all I ask
That’s all I want

Of your voice
Of your touch

To go mad with you
To go crazy over you

Of calling you mine
Of being on your mind

Is that too much to ask?

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it’s strange to think
you will only remember me
as the person i was with you

you’ll never learn of my new habits,
nor will i ever come to know yours
i won’t get to watch you grow,
see you become strong,
hear about all of your new
adventures and revelations

no, i am only left
with who you were

we’re both frozen in time
in each others’ memories